Aldo Domani®

No matter your style, the Monteverde USA® Aldo Domani® Collection has the pen for you. This line features an array of color finishes that appeal to business executives and working professionals alike. These fine writing instruments are being used around the world and are reveered for their high level of comfort. Their mid-sized profile and smooth finish make them a favorite for those desiring an easy and pleasurable writing experience. The Aldo Domani® Fountain pen nib is available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and 1.1mm Stub nib.

Black - Ballpoint MV59615 (US retail price)$25

Black- Rollerball MV59616 (US retail price)$30

Black- Fountain MV59610 (US retail price)$40

Blue - Ballpoint MV59625 (US retail price)$25

Blue- Rollerball MV59626 (US retail price)$30

Blue- Fountain MV59620 (US retail price)$40

Red - Ballpoint MV59635 (US retail price)$25

Red- Rollerball MV59636 (US retail price)$30

Red- Fountain MV59630 (US retail price)$40

Light Purple - Ballpoint MV59645 (US retail price)$25

Light Purple - Rollerball MV59646 (US retail price)$30

Light Purple - Fountain MV59640 (US retail price)$40

Light Pink - Ballpoint MV59655 (US retail price)$25

Light Pink - Rollerball MV59656 (US retail price)$30

Light Pink - Fountain MV59650 (US retail price)$40


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