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Monteverde USA - A World of Luxury and InnovationDistributed By Yafa

Artista Crystal

The exquisite clear and translucent colors of the Artista Crystal™ pens are made of high quality acrylic resins that are hand polished inside and out. The twist advance pen features the innovative Soft Roll™ ballpoint refill, for a smooth free flowing writing experience. 
The fountain pen features a unique clear feeder on the German made iridium nib that is available only in medium, and utilizes either ink cartridges or ink converter. The rollerball accepts the Monteverde® G2 and W2 refills, the ballpoint accepts P1 and P4 refills available in
10 colors.

MV26800 - Artista Crystal Transparent Ballpoint Pen
MV26801 -Artista Crystal Transparent Rollerball Pen
MV26803 - Artista Crystal Transparent Fountain Pen
MV26910 Artista Crystal Lime Green Ballpoint Pen
MV26911 - Artista Crystal Lime Green Rollerball Pen
MV26912 - Artista crystal Lime Green Fountain Pen
MV26913 - Artista Crystal Turquoise Ballpoint Pen
MV26914 - Artista Crystal Turquoise Rollerball Pen
MV26915 - Artista Crystal Turquoise Fountain Pen
MV26916 - Artista Crystal Pink Ballpoint Pen
Mv26917 - Artista Crystal Pink Rollerball Pen
MV26918 - Artista Crystal Pink Fountain Pen
MV26925 - Artista Crystal Yellow Ballpoint Pen
MV26926 - Artista Crystal Yellow Rollerball Pen
MV26927 - Artista Crystal Yellow Fountain Pen
MV26919 - Artista Crystal Orange Ballpoint Pen
MV26920 - Artista Crystal Orange Rollerball Pen
MV26921 - Artista Crystal Orange Fountain Pen
MV26922 - Artista Crystal Purple Ballpoint Pen
MV26923 - Artista Crystal Purple Rollerball Pen
MV26924 - Artista Crystal Purple Fountain Pen

Suggested Retail:
  Ballpoint Pen - $35
  Rollerball Pen - $40
  Fountain Pen - $45

Refill Information

Ballpoint Refills:

Monteverde P1 Refill
Monteverde P4 Refill

Rollerball Refills:

Monteverde G2 Refill
Monteverde W2 Refill