For those who appreciate the simple things in life, Monteverde USA would like to introduce the Cube. Modern, elegant and straightforward, the Cube stands out amongst others for its unique shape and feel. With a square brass barrel, no longer are the days of pens rolling off desks or getting damaged due to constant use. Coated with chrome plating or black-lacquer and unadorned with bright trim, the silver-chrome clip is the only highly accentuated part of the pen. Evenly weighted and smooth writing, you’ll never want to be without this minimalistic, yet essential, pen.
Availble in the following nib sizes:
EXTRA FINE (0.2-0.3mm), FINE(0.5mm), MEDIUM(0.7mm), BROAD(1mm), STUB (1.1mm).

Black Matte - Ballpoint MV32326 (US retail price) $45

Black Matte - Fountain Medium Nib MV32320 (US retail price) $50

Brass - Ballpoint MV32316 (US retail price) $45

Brass - Fountain Medium Nib MV32310 (US retail price) $50