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Monteverde USA - A World of Luxury and InnovationDistributed By Yafa

Monteverde® continues to expand its world of luxury and innovation by introducing the brand new Deluxe to the extensive Invincia™ flagship line.
When art and technology blend in perfect symbiosis, the result is a new pen of dazzling beauty and extreme class that is made of state of the art carbon fiber. Revolutionary carbon fiber is being added to new luxury items every day as one of the most visually astounding and technically advanced materials known today. The new Invincia™ Deluxe is a remarkable achievement of unmatched sophistication with the creation of carbon fiber from top to bottom that is then poised with your preference of three modern trim finishes. You have the choice of pairing the dark rich texture and color of carbon fiber with the shiny brilliance of mirrored chrome trim, or with the subtle matching blend of black chrome, or with the enchantment of rose gold trim.

The Invincia™ Deluxe collection offers a twist-action ballpoint pen which utilizes Monteverde's® famous Soft-Roll™ ink technology into its refill. The fountain pen is equipped with the new black flexible stainless steel large nib with a special black titanium coating to offer extra durability and corrosion resistance. Fountain pen nibs are available in fine, medium and broad sizes.

For those who treasure and love the luxurious and sporty look and feel of carbon fiber, the new Invincia™ Deluxe truly satisfies without deficit spending. This absolutely spectacular writing instrument is the perfect solution for owning the greatest and latest at an affordable price.


MV41290 - Invincia Deluxe Chrome Ballpoint
MV41291 - Invincia Deluxe Chrome Fountain Pen
MV41292 - Invincia Deluxe Rose Gold Ballpoint
MV41293 - Invincia Deluxe Rose Gold Fountain Pen
MV41294 - Invincia Deluxe Black Chrome Ballpoint
MV41295 - Invincia Deluxe Black Chrome Fountain Pen

Suggested Retail:
  Ballpoint Pen - $95
  Fountain Pen - $135