When art and technology blend in perfect symbiosis, the result is a pen of dazzling beauty and that is made from state of the art materials. The Invincia™ Deluxe is a remarkable achievement of unmatched sophistication with the creation of carbon fiber from top to bottom that is then accented with your choice of three distinct finishes. Pair the dark rich texture of carbon fiber with the mirrored chrome trim, jet black, or opulent rose gold trim. The fountain pen fills with Monteverde USA® standard international G3 ink cartridges or piston ink converter (included). The flexible stainless steel nib is available in fine, medium, broad and stub sizes. The twist action ballpoint is perfectly balanced and fills with standard Parker® style refills.

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Chrome - Ballpoint MV41290 (US retail price)$115

Chrome - Fountain MV41291 (US retail price)$135

Rose Gold - Ballpoint MV41292 (US retail price)$115

Rose Gold - Fountain MV41293 (US retail price)$135

Black - Ballpoint MV41294 (US retail price)$115

Black - Fountain MV41295 (US retail price)$135


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