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Monteverde USA - A World of Luxury and InnovationDistributed By Yafa
Also Available in Pencil

Uncluttered by bold colors, the Monteverde® Invincia™ emphasizes contrast and simplicity. Straight forward and always classic, the Invincia™ pencil, ballpoint pen, rollerball and fountain pens will compliment all fashions, styles and trends to come.

Invincia Pens

MV41150 - Black Tie Ballpoint Pen
MV41151 - Black Tie Rollerball Pen
MV41152 - Black Tie Fountain Pen
MV41156 - Black Tie Pencil 0.5 mm
MV41157 - Black Tie Pencil 0.7 mm
MV80328 - Eraser

MV40063 - Chrome Ballpoint Pen
MV40064 - Chrome Rollerball Pen
MV40065 - Chrome Fountain Pen
MV40055 - Chrome Pencil 0.5 mm
MV40048 - Chrome Pencil 0.7 mm
MV80328 - Eraser

MV40060 - Rose Gold Ballpoint Pen
MV40061 - Rose Gold Rollerball Pen
MV40062 - Rose Gold Fountain Pen
*available only in medium.