The clean lines and slender shapes of the Jewelria™ Resin collection is now available in 3 exciting colors and with matching fountain pens!

The fountain pen is perfectly balanced and is fitted with Monteverde’s renowned full size nib (choose F,M,B or Stub) and fills via standard cartridge or converter (included). The matching ballpoint pen features a smooth twist-advance mechanism and comes filled with a Monteverde® smooth writing Soft Roll™ refill. Each Jewelria is finished with brilliant chrome trim and a spring loaded ergonomic clip that is as beautiful as it is practical.

Resin Green - Ballpoint MV59285 (US retail price)$50

Resin Green - Rollerball MV59286 (US retail price)$60

Resin Green - Fountain MV59280 (US retail price)$70

Resin Brown - Ballpoint MV59275 (US retail price)$50

Resin Brown - Rollerball MV59276 (US retail price)$60

Resin Brown - Fountain MV59270 (US retail price)$70

Resin Black - Ballpoint MV59265 (US retail price)$50

Resin Black - Rollerball MV59266 (US retail price)$60

Resin Black - Fountain MV59260 (US retail price)$70