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Monteverde USA - A World of Luxury and InnovationDistributed By Yafa



Fountain Pen

This is a Retired Collection

The beauty, color and majesty of the World's most immortal mountains are sculpted by MonteVerde® designers into treasured writing instruments. The MonteVerde® Mauna Kea™ is Monteverde's® Second Edition in the monumental Mountains of the World™ Collection.

All MonteVerde® Mauna Kea™ Mountains are hand-crafted fr om the finest European-grade acrylic resins. Each MonteVerde® Mauna Kea™ captures the subtle hues of Hawaii's breathtaking volcanic vistas that reach from the time of creation to the heights of a bright future.

Every Mauna Kea™ Writing Instrument is presented in an elegant wood-trimmed case with a magnetic closure MonteVerde® continues to set a new precedent for value driven luxury with the Second Edition of the Monteverde® Mountains of the World™ series.