The Mountains of the World collection celebrates the world’s most alluring and inspirational natural wonders. These stunning landforms provide serene backdrops and serve as a constant reminder of nature’s abundance. The origins of this collection date back to 2005, and have been a beloved staple in Monteverde USA’s selection of fine writing instruments ever since. We aim to capture the dynamic essence of each mountain range, displaying their unique tones and energy with every design.
Each pair in this series consists of a capped fountain pen and matching twist action ballpoint. Every pen is adorned with polished chrome trim, crafted from solid acrylic resins, and features a sleek ergonomic clip. Fountain pen fills via cartridge or converter (included) and is available in Fine, Medium, Broad, and 1.1mm Stub Nib.

Mount Denali is a serene Alaskan mountain that takes the title of the highest mountain peak throughout the entire continent of North America. Formerly known as Mount McKinley, it was eventually renamed to honor the Athabascan title originally given to it by Alaskan Native tribes, meaning “The Great One.” Given the mountain’s location, Mount Denali has some of the most intense weather on the planet. This allows it to be the perfect training spot for climbers looking to prepare for expeditions like the Himalayas. The Denali pen series pays tribute to this splendid mountain with handmade resin featuring hues of icy blue with highlights as white as snow. Chrome trim finishes off this look, tying the colors of the cool Alaskan climate together.

Mount Vesuvio, located on the Gulf of Naples in Italy, is best known for its eruption in AD 79 that destroyed the Roman city of Pompeii. It is regarded as one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world due to its proximity to over 3 million people. Mount Vesuvio is the only volcano in Europe to have erupted in the last 100 years. The great power of nature is expressed in this collection, with fine writing instruments that detail the great hues of lava and ash. Each pen is paired with chrome accents to emphasize the bold textures of the pen’s pattern, and serves as a reminder for the most iconic volcano in history.

Mount Everest towers over the world at 29,035 feet in the Himalayas, making it the world’s tallest mountain. Although it is covered with snow and ice all year round, winds of up to 200 mph often leave the sheer cliffs near the summit as a beautiful mosaic of black and white. The specially selected acrylic resin in this collection perfectly illustrates the chaos and beauty of the awesome spectacle that is Mount Everest. Warm days at the summit consist of rough conditions at a chilling -2 ºFahrenheit, but can drop as low as -76 ºF in the coldest months. The harrowing experience of exploring Mount Everest is an incredible adventure that has been honored with the creation of these pens. Even a yeti would value a design as sleek as the Mount Everest pen.

Mount Denali - MV41645 Ballpoint Pen (US retail price)$65

Mount Denali - MV41640 Fountain Pen (US retail price)$85

Mount Everest - MV41655 Ballpoint Pen (US retail price)$65

Mount Everest - MV41653 Fountain Pen (US retail price)$85

Mount Vesuvio - MV41665 Ballpoint Pen (US retail price)$65

Mount Vesuvio - MV41663 Fountain Pen (US retail price)$85


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