Fountain Pen Nibs

For those who prefer to express their thoughts on paper, a quality fountain pen is still considered the best possible tool for conveying the writer’s personal style. A fountain pen however, can only be as good as the nib it’s fitted with, and with over 40 years of experience, Monteverde® produces the world’s finest fountain pen nibs. The Monteverde stainless steel nibs are both smooth and flexible and available in four distinct point sizes; traditional Fine, Medium and Broad, and a 1.1 mm Stub nib. “Enter my favorite nib… the stub! … I’m so happy to see its addition to the Monteverde line-up. In simple terms, a stub is an italic nib with smooth, rounded edges. Hence, you achieve the beautiful, shaded writing of an italic/calligraphy nib, but with the speed, smoothness and comfort of a conventional nib.” Norman Haase - His All four point sizes available in either chrome or black finish.

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