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Monteverde USA - A World of Luxury and InnovationDistributed By Yafa
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Monteverde introduces the miracle of reverse miniature hand-painting inside of their latest limited edition pens!!

At the dawn of the 18th century, a new art form emerged in china.  The process was called inside (reverse) painting. Clear snuff bottles were hand painted from the inside out, which yielded some of most prized collectibles that the world has ever seen. Southern California based Monteverde™ brings the process to their latest series of limited edition pens.  Miraculously, these hand-painted gems are being offered at a fraction of industry standard pricing. Monteverde’s original art is hand-painted on the inside of special, hand-made clear acrylic resins.

The meticulous work is completely done by hand.  Highly gifted artists take at least 72 hours to complete each part with a specially designed, hand-made, hooked paint brush specifically designed for these pens.  Since the painting is completely done by hand, no two pens are exactly alike. 

Each pen is considered to be an original masterpiece and is numbered in sequence. Only 395 of each of the first 3 designs will be produced. (“the tiger”, “the great wall”, and “flowers and birds”) each painting is also sealed from the inside to protect it from interior scratches.  The parts are hand-assembled and brilliantly presented in an exclusive gift box. 

The idea of hand-painting luxury acrylic pens on the inside so that they are protected on the outside was completely conceived and brought to life by Monteverde’s founder and president, Yair (Jerry) Greenberg.  Mr. Greenberg started to collect inside (reverse) painted snuff bottles some 20 years ago during his travels abroad. From the onset, he tried to apply the process to acrylic pens.  When told that “it couldn’t be done” he knew that it “must be done”.

New ground was eventually broken and the art of inside (reverse) painted pens was born.  Clear barrels in the pen industry have been commonly known as “demonstrators” for many years. These are prized by collectors and cost many hundreds of dollars. Taking this to the next level, Monteverde hand polishes the inside of each barrel is in a very special way and then roughs it so the paint will adhere to the acrylic surface. (worldwide patent pending on the process) Unlike traditional painting technique where the artist starts with the background and builds outwards, the inside (reverse) artist must start with the foreground first.  It takes many years of highly disciplined training before an artist is allowed to work on an inside (reverse) painted object.

In the future, the Monteverde design team will introduce inside (reverse) painted fountain pens with 14kt, solid gold nibs.  One-of-a-kind, custom, reverse painted pens will be offered with any theme, portrait, landscape, or even corporate logo. In this fast paced world where speed is king, it is fantastic to know that there are still artists who create miniature original masterpieces that can be enjoyed any time that a pen is needed. Monteverde’s reverse hand-painted limited edition writing instruments combine the centuries old art of inside reverse painting with the latest advances in pen-making.

Welcome to the future of practical art.  This is what happens when you think from the inside-out…  this is Monteverde® mega™ hand-painted from the inside out…!!