Poquito Stylus Collection

The Poquito Stylus™ ballpoint pen has been designed with convenience, useful practicability and trendy colors to make it your favorite pen.

The soft rubber stylus is as responsive as your finger on touchscreens but offers better accuracy and leaves no fingerprints. Use the stylus on all of your touchscreen devices such as smart phone, tablet, GPS, E-reader, as well as public ATMs and airport kiosks to avoid germs. Makes a great gift for all of the techies you know.

Black - Poquito Stylus MV10101 (US retail price)$10

Cobalt Blue - Poquito Stylus MV10102 (US retail price)$10

Pearl White - Poquito Stylus MV10103 (US retail price)$10

Black & White - Poquito Stylus MV10104 (US retail price)$10

Red & Black - Poquito Stylus MV10105 (US retail price)$10

Purple - Poquito Stylus MV10108 (US retail price)$10

Additional Specs and Information

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