A multifunctional design is key when choosing a staple piece for your daily errands. The Poquito Stylus™ easily conforms to fit your needs at a moment’s notice. Transition from note taking with the ballpoint, to typing on your phone with the stylus. The soft rubber is as responsive as your finger, but offers improved accuracy and prevents fingerprints. Utilize it on-the-go for a variety of screens from ATMs to airport kiosks and e-readers. Choose from a stunning array of colors to suit any taste. This ballpoint pen accepts D1 refills.


Cool Grey - Poquito Stylus MV10271 (US retail price)$10

Maui Blue - Poquito Stylus MV10273 (US retail price)$10

Racing Red - Poquito Stylus MV10274 (US retail price)$10

Black Attire - Poquito Stylus MV10275 (US retail price)$10


Black - Poquito Stylus MV10101 (US retail price)$10

Purple - Poquito Stylus MV10108 (US retail price)$10


Copper - Poquito Stylus MV10262 (US retail price)$10

Cobalt Blue - Poquito Stylus MV10102 (US retail price)$10

Pearl White - Poquito Stylus MV10103 (US retail price)$10


Red & Black - Poquito Stylus MV10105 (US retail price)$10

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