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How Monteverde USA® ink and refill numbers work


Fit Parker®


C - Cross®

D - Multifunctional

G - Generic

J - Mini Jewelria®

K - Pelikan®

L - Lamy®

M - Montblanc®

PR - Parker® Resin

P - Parker

Q - Pilot® & Papermate®

S - Sheaffer®

T - Dupont®

U - Size It®

W - Waterman®




1 - Ballpoint

2 - Rollerball

3 - Ink Cart./Bottle

4 - Gel

5 - Spring Loaded Tip Fineliner


Medium Point

Point Size:

0 - Ink Cart./Bottle

1 - Extra Fine

2 - Fine

3 - Medium

4 - Broad

5 - Superbroad

7 - Magnum


Blister Pack


1 - Bulk

2 - Blister

3 - Medium Tube

4 - Large Tube

6 - Green Box

7 - Small Tube

8 - Bottle


Black Ink


BK - Black

BU - Blue

BB - Blue/Black

BN - Brown

MG - Magenta

BG - Burgandy

GN - Green

OR - Orange

AT - Assorted

PK - Pink

PL - Purple

RD - Red

TQ - Turquoise

LG - Lime Green

YW - Yellow

FOR - Flourescent Orange

FYW - Flourescent Yellow


Advanced Technology

•Soft Roll™ Technology - Monteverde USA® Soft Roll™ refill transforms the ballpoint into a miracle of writing technology! The latest breakthrough in ink technology has been applied to create the smoothest writing experience EVER!

•Ceramic Gel ™Technology - Offering a brand new and incredible innovation: 3 years shelf life, smooth writing to the last drop of ink, rust free, ceramic ball, new gel ink with controlled viscosity. Refill will not dry with cap off.

•Colors - Offering for the first time ever, 10 beautiful colors in Soft Roll™ ballpoint refills.

•Rollerballs - Offering now in striking colors. We are providing a variety of ink colors to add new technology, fun and function to your writing style. Use different colors for Holiday cards, letters and personal notes.

•Spring loaded tip fineliner - The spring loaded fiber tip in this refill allows the finest written line to be maintained with continued use. The shock absorber effect achieved by the small internal spring designed directly behind the tip prevents the porous fiber tip from widening or spreading.

•Ink - ITF™ Our new Ink Treatment Formula drastically improves ink-flow quality, extends cap-off time and improves ink drying time on paper.

Monteverde USA® (Est. 1999) has always been the fine pen industry leader in introducing new shapes and unimagined colors. They have been a wholly owned subsidiary of Yafa Pen Company® (Est. 1978) which has provided the resource of over 30 years of experience in writing instruments. This experience has created unprecedented designs and technologically advanced innovations in pens, refills and inks. This strong commitment to new quality products has enabled the Monteverde USA® brand to be sold internationally. We are very proud to be The World’s Largest Single Source For Pen Refills™ and Inks. Fun and creative choices are offered to our customers by providing the largest variety of ink types and colors in refills and inks that fit most major fine pen brands. No longer does one need to be limited to writing in just black or blue with their favorite brand of fine pen. We hope you enjoy exploring all the options that are now made available to you by Monteverde’s premium refills and inks. “Creating New Ideas From the Inside Out”™ will continue to remain Monteverde’s firm commitment. Since the refill and ink are the heart of any writing system, we will continue to develop a variety of new and creative refills and inks to add to our already extensive collection. We invite you to renew your love for writing by experiencing the luxurious beauty and innovative design of a Monteverde USA® writing instrument. Our goal will have been achieved if you discover new creative ways to express yourself by the beauty of the written word.