Selfie Pen

First of its kind! The new Monteverde Selfie Pen - a pen that wirelessly synchronizes with your phone or tablet allowing you to remotely take pictures! Gone are the days when you have to have your stretched out arm in all of your selfies. Simply place your device in a secure location and control when to take a picture or video using the new Monteverde Selfie pen.

Black - Ballpoint MV20592 (US retail price)$50

Yellow- Ballpoint MV20591 (US retail price)$50

Connects to Bluetooth

1. Hold on/off button on pen for 3 seconds until the blue light begins to flash.

2. Go to Bluetooth settings on phone & connect to LY-ZPQ802.

3. Once connected, go to phone’s Camera/Video setting.

4. To take a picture, push i0S (iPhone) or Andriod button on the Selfie Pen. Information
• To charge plug into any USB port. • After fully charged, battery can last up to 100 hours in standby mode.
• Selfie Pen will go into standby mode after 2 mintues of non use. Refill
• Pull chrome metal front section from barrel, unscrew refill holder & pull refill to change.

Additional Specs and Information

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