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Monteverde USA - A World of Luxury and InnovationDistributed By Yafa

Monteverde’s most popular Invincia collection continues to blend art and technology for a perfect balance between high-tech materials and classic styling. We are proud to introduce our Invincia stealth black color.

The new Invincia collection has a
surprising “under the radar” modern design.
The entire pen is in black with the cap,
barrel, clip and trim all being specially
coated with 3 layers of durable black
lacquer. The fountain pen nib is also in
black with a flexible stainless steel nib
coated with titanium for extreme durability.

MV41135 - Monteverde Invincia stealth black ballpoint pen

MV41136 - Monteverde Invincia stealth black rollerball pen

MV41137 - Monteverde Invincia stealth black fountain pen

Suggested Retail
Fountain Pen: $80
Rollerball: $70
Ballpoint: $60