9 Function Pen

The heavy weight, 6-sided barrel houses a smooth writing Soft-Roll ballpoint at one end and an ultra sensitive touch screen stylus at the other. Under the stylus top are phillips and flat head screwdrivers, while on the barrel are a built- in level, ruler and 3 different scale functions. The chiseled spring clip will hold the One Touch Tool pen securely in your pocket, ready to handle more jobs than any other pen!

The tool pen is now available in a fountain pen featuring a smooth and reliable nib. Comes in the following nib sizes: EXTRA FINE (0.2-0.3mm), FINE(0.5mm), MEDIUM(0.7mm), BROAD(1mm), STUB (1.1mm).

For those who like the freedom to use their favorite ink cartridge but like the convenience of a roller pen, the Tool Pen is now available in ink•ball as well.Ballpoint pens fills with Monteverde® D1 refills (choose Medium or Super Broad) Fountain pen and ink•ball fill with Monteverde® standard international G3 ink cartridges (included). Pencil fills with standard 0.9mm leads.

The mechanical pencil version of the Tool Pen features 0.9mm lead and an eraser conveniently stored inside the barrel, but with no level.

Brass - Ballpoint MV35480 (US retail price)$30

Brass - Pencil MV35481 (US retail price)$40

Brass - ink•ball MV35482 (US retail price)$45

Brass - Fountain Pen MV35483 (US retail price)$50

Blue - Ballpoint MV35297 (US retail price)$30

Blue- ink•ball MV35292 (US retail price)$45

Blue- Fountain MV35293 (US retail price)$50

Blue- 0.9mm Pencil MV35291 (US retail price)$40

Orange - Ballpoint MV35295 (US retail price)$30

Orange- ink•ball MV35294 (US retail price)$45

Orange- Fountain MV35290 (US retail price)$50

Orange- 0.9mm Pencil MV35296 (US retail price)$40

Red - Ballpoint MV35250 (US retail price)$30

Red - ink•ball MV35254 (US retail price)$45

Red - Fountain MV35234 (US retail price)$50

Red - 0.9mm Pencil MV35253 (US retail price)$40

Yellow - Ballpoint MV35212 (US retail price)$30

Yellow - ink•ball MV35222 (US retail price)$45

Yellow - Fountain MV35230 (US retail price)$50

Yellow - Pencil MV35242 (US retail price)$40

Black - Ballpoint MV35210 (US retail price)$30

Black - ink•ball MV35220 (US retail price)$45

Black - Fountain MV35230 (US retail price)$50

Black - Pencil MV35240 (US retail price)$40

Silver - Ballpoint MV35211 (US retail price)$30

Silver - ink•ball MV35221 (US retail price)$45

Silver - Fountain MV35230 (US retail price)$50

Silver - Pencil MV35241 (US retail price)$40

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